Tom Sheehan is a classic rock and roll and blues singer songwriter

Confession in the Back Room features a cast of 12 extremely talented players from across the country. Click on a name to learn more about each of these extraordinary people. To learn more about "making Confession," click here.

Chet McCracken (Drums) | Scotty Manzo (Bass) | Michito Sanchez (Percussion) | Joshua Yudkin (Piano, Organ, Electric Piano, Accordion) | David Cullen (Guitars) | Bob Szajna (Guitars) | Steve Jankowski (Horns) | Jay Davidson (Saxes) | Deb Lyons (Backing Vocals) | Diane Garisto (Backing Vocals) | Chris Sheehan (Harmony and Backing Vocals)

Richard Oliver Furch (Mix Engineer) | Jeff Glixman (Mix Engineer) | Dominic Maita (Mastering Engineer) | Andy van Dette (Mastering Engineer)