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At Adult Contemporary (A/C) radio, the single It’s Only Love from Film at Eleven was the #2 Most Added song on the FMQB-A/C chart in its first week of release, peaking at #34 on the FMQB-A/C chart and at #17 on CMJ—a bonafide nationwide hit.

Additionally, his first album, 1998’s Where You Are, spawned two AAA radio hits: Die Like Elvis, an infectious Memphis-blues rocker, and the ethereal title track which grew out of the O.J. Simpson murder trial. Both records also received substantial airplay in Europe.

The trade press has heaped critical praise on Sheehan, as well. The influential radio industry trade magazine, Gavin, said, “Sheehan’s cinematic approach to the music is what makes it stand out. Each song is like a screenplay…well-crafted…melodic.” Album Network, said “Just like the nightly news, Tom Sheehan delivers.” And The Friday Morning Quarterback said, “Like a painter, Tom Sheehan uses his words and music to let you see the big picture...that’s what makes it stand out.”

Live, Tom’s occasional solo acoustic performances present an intimate experience of the songs on Where You Are and Film at Eleven as well as songs from the forthcoming Confession in the Back Room and always a few surprises. His live performances are in many ways even more powerful than the studio versions, with stripped down treatments that bring his insightful, and often chilling, lyrics to the forefront.

He is most at home, though, as a writer...an artist with a gifted vision...and a unique view of the world...an artist that you need to know about.

Film at eleven.