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John Schoenberger, Adult Album Alternative editor of Radio & Records, put it best: “Tom Sheehan is an artist that you need to know about.”

Songwriter Tom Sheehan is to popular music what director Oliver Stone is to film. Tom's evocative songs find their roots in the news, human relationships and the world around us—with a very apparent point of view. His writing is emotional and insightful, casting new light on familiar events, people and issues. And while certainly not the first to fuse social commentary with rock music, Tom does so from a unique perspective—an insightful point of view tempered by experience.

Not surprisingly, Tom’s 19 North Records releases, Where You Are (1998), Film at Eleven (2000), and the upcoming Confession in the Back Room are not your typical pop music fare, blending hook-laden music with evocative, cinematic lyrics.

Throughout his career, progressive radio has embraced Tom's work. At Adult Rock and Major College Radio, both Where You Are and Film at Eleven consistently gained fast acceptance along side new releases by the industry heavyweights, with over 120 Adult Album Alternative (AAA) and Major College radio stations playing the albums. [more]


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